Fellow Fighter,

When we turn on the news every morning to another story of basic human rights being ripped away in our country, the most common question is, "What can I do?" 

We wanted to answer that question. After the Alabama abortion bans earlier this month, and too many states acting to follow suit, Lora Lee Gayer posted on Instagram, calling out to anyone else who wants to do something...anything. And the response was immediately overwhelming -- with messages from creatives, directors, producers, lawyers, and beyond -- wanting to get involved. And with that, The Hysterical Womxn's Society was born.

We are a society of womxn and allies with individual talents and strengths who come together to protect womxn and human rights. Through fundraising and activation events, we aim to bring together engaged, motivated, fighting spirits to give our voices to support those who need it.

Would you like to join us? There will be several ways to get involved, and if you are interested in hearing more, we would love to share them with you.

 With our voices raised,

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